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Getting the best out of Instagram - Tips and Tricks for Blogger and Afficionados

Montag, 14. September 2015

I started fairly late with blogging and also Instagram but found that there is always so much to learn. The community ist changing all the time and since Instagram is (luckily) not Facebook some tricks and tweaks remain hidden to users of this wonderful App.

I am still far, far away from my goals that I want to achieve in Instagram but I happily share my insights and tricks I have collected on my way there with you.
And no I will not insert things like: upload good photos or similar because that is probably something you might already do. ;)

Here my list of tricks, tweaks and "must-do" if you have an Instagram account that you want to develop more or use more efficient for promotion.

1. Offline Communities

Let's move first away from the App itself: There are a lot of offline communities that meet regularly IRL and do things together. There are Instawalks (Walking together and snap some pics) or Instameets.
There is theoretically an offical website for finding instameets (community.instagram.com) but e.g. in my country people organize meets and walks over their own accounts.

How to find groups? 
Search for "Igers" (short for Instagrammer) hashtags like #igersberlin can help you, for example, find groups in Berlin. To be honest I know this way of finding local groups mainly from european countries. If you have input about the USA and so on. Give me a shout!  

You don't really have to go to those meetings now if you want to be a member of this community. I am not a big "let's meet up" person so I have never attended a meeting but post regularily with their hashtags and found some great regional Igers in several countries.

NEWS: There will also be a big offline celebration with the Worldwide Instameet 12 that will happen between Oct 3-4. You can get the hashtags and more infos on that HERE.

2. Challenges

There are a lot of challenges out there where people ask everyone to use a specific hashtag and post pics to a special topic. I don't participate in unofficial events but mostly do the official Instagram challenges like "Weekend Hashtag Project" for weekend challenges or "Monthly Hashtag Project"for monthly challenges.
You can find the most recent challenges on the official Instagram Blog which is btw a great resource for news and finding interesting artists but is also sadly a mess to browse on desktop...

3. Use your profile

Seriously do it! Add some interesting tidbits or a sentence about your favorite topics, the country you are living in and so on. Sometimes even small things are enough to spark interest into potential followers.

Another important thing that people likely oversee is the use the website field.
The thing with the website field in your profile is that it is the only clickable link that you can have in your profile. So a lot of InstaPros use this field for promoting their recent posts or videos on Youtube.

How to do it? 

Simple! New video- or blog post online?
Use your Instagram Desktop Login (under instagram.com e.g.) and put the link into the website field in your profile.
Why with the desktop login? Because it is much easier than doing this via app IMO.

Then, upload a pic or still from your post/video and add a "Link in Bio" mention in the Instagram-Post. Your follower then can quickly find a clickable link to your post or video.

4. Video Usage

This might not only be interesting for people that do something with music or work with videos (having a band, recording, youtube channel, etc) but also sellers and shops might find this useful.

The usage of Instagram videos for little sneak previews is a hugely underdeveloped part of Instagram. Even a short clip of your recent music or your video and a link in your profile to it can help you with promoting.
Furthermore sellers or shops can give their followers and shop fans a new angle on their product by uploading a small video of it.

5. Simplify your account

I am sure I am not the only one with this problem.
I followed hundreds of accounts, also in hope to gain a higher follow ship. I found some interesting people that way but over the years accounts start to get inactive or uninteresting for me. So going through your followings is never a bad idea.
If you are a bit overwhelmed by the big numbers there are a lot of different tools out there that can help you sort out your follows.

Apps like InstaGhost, IgExorcist or Crowdfire may help you find inactive users or users that don't follow back and this way you can maintain a more simple and reduced account.

Since Instagram updates often there IS a high chance that those applications might not work anymore or for very long. If I find an app that's worth the money I will tell you but until now I would overthink cost-intensive apps for Instagram generally.

6. Get some Statistics

To know your followers is always a good start to get the best out of your Instagram.
I myself work actually often with statistics and have to say that it can really help with understanding your audience.
After searching for a lot of tools I found Iconosquare to be the tool with the most options and insight that you can get without paying money. The only restriction is that you have to visit the website regularly (which I unfortunately don't do) to gain access to often updated data.
Disclaimer: I am not paid by Iconosquare and also do not have a paid account there.

7. Location: Yes or No?

According to a study that I found very interesting there could be a connection between @mentions and location adds and higher interaction with users. The study claims even that turning on location tagging might add 79% to your engagement rate...
I haven't tried location tagging and can't speak from experience but will surely document my results here in the future.

Got anymore Tips on Instagram? Post them in the Comments!!!

Thanks for reading you can find me on Instagram here



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