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How to make a beautiful Enamel Flower Wreath with Nailpolish

Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2014

You might already have everything at home that you need for this quick and stunningly beautiful DIY-Project. Use the early evenings of autumn and make this beautiful wreath, a necklace or a brooch out of this tiny flowers.

Sometimes I really need a break from all this stitching and thus I tried this weekend something new! 
I made petite flowers just out of wire and nail polish and the final product is simply stunning.
Everybody can make it so here a small tutorial on how to make these flowers.

How to

1) Material:
Thin Wire (Gold or Silver. The thinner the better)
Nailpolish (any will do. I used here an Essie)
A stick (or any long round object)
Pliers (not necessary really)

2) Take the stick or any round long object and put a loop of the wire around it. I used here a approx. 10cm long wire piece.  I used here the handle of a makeup brush. The object shouldn't be too big though or the nail polish surface will not form.

3) Now rotate your stick with the wire loop around it. The loop gets winded at the end and the loop is finished.

4) This is how a finished loop looks. I wind the stick two times normally.

5) Repeat until you have 5 loops. I found 5 loops the prettiest. You can also mix it up for your wreath and make some smaller flowers with less petals.

6) The two loose wire ends should be twisted so that the loops stay together.

7) Pinch the loop a bit so that they get oval and wrap the oval loop around your stick so that they get a nice curve. Straight petals don't look natural.

8) Now get your nail polish. Due to surface tension the nail polish will stay in the loops. For that to take place you have to take the brush and stroke over the loops. 


  • If the surfaces break put your brush back into the container and use it soaked with nail polish.
  • Work over some paper. It can get messy!
  • Dry the flower petals on paper. The nail polish can run out of the loops if you used too much.

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  1. "Due to surface tension the nailpolish will stay in the loops. " Learnt something new! This is such a cool DIY!

    1. Thanks. I thought so too! I mostly blog in german but some ideas are just worth spreading in english too ;)

  2. Antworten
    1. thank you. It's also very easy to make.

  3. do the flowers break easily after they are dry? Danke!

    1. He Joanne!

      That was exactly my thought when I did my first flowers.
      BUT the polish actually stays quite elastic! Also if the forms of the flowers change a bit it the polish will not break. Really fascinating.

      I do imagine though, that after some time (maybe years) the polish can get - due to dust and maybe also UV rays - brittle and also break.

      Fortunately the flowers are very easy to repair. Just put some polish on them!

      Thanks for reading and Commenting! Danke! <3

  4. I have made many flowers and trees over the years from nail polish and copper wire. For examples go to https://www.facebook.com/neville.thomas.10/media_set?set=a.108086749358388.18257.100004711891160&type=3 Only wire and nail polish is used.

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