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Review // Embroidery kit Mollie Makes 42 (UK Edition)

Sonntag, 10. August 2014

This weekend I finished a small embroidery project that came as a freebie with the UK edition of the magazine Mollie Makes.

So this time I post this review in english ;)

Have fun with this small review of this kit!

Usually I'm super slow with such stuff but I couldn't resist this sweet little Purse with the anchor motif. After a longer period with the cross stitch I looked forward to dig a little more into embroidery.

The kit

I have to say that I was really impressed. The kit had really everything in it to get started. Not only much much more embroidery thread (4 colours), than actually needed was included but also a sturdy needle, a whole spool of sewing thread, a piece of cotton fabric and some twine. The pattern was printed on a page in the magazine.

What I  liked especially was the embroidery thread. Such nice rich colours, very soft and the they never stained (which happened to me a bit too often). They didn't state where the thread came from though... I'm just guessing "Sublime Stitching" because they also designed the kit...


The kit was fairly easy to make (as stated, duh!) and I enjoyed it a lot. I had only a bit of a problem with the pointy arrows at the end of the anchor. Because the pattern was printed into the magazine very near the center of the mag I had to copy it out and then trace it, with backlight onto the fabric. I used pencil but in hindsight a water soluble marker would have been better. It took me approx. 1h max. to finish the embroidery.

So it was really easy to finish and there was so much spare thread that I thought that a little extra wouldn't hurt. I used the rest of the blue for a wale on the backside of the purse.

I felt that the embroidery was a bit wrinkly and thus spritzed it with water and ironed it a bit. 
The sewing of the purse itself went ok. I think I there could be improvements on the tunnel for the twine. Also the purse ended up a bit narrow.

The finished anchor from Sublime Stitching /
Mollie Makes
The finished Wale 


I thought that the kit material was of great quality. I especially loved the thread and it's colours.
The instructions where good. I had a bit of a hassle with the sewing of the purse. But all in all everything was sufficient explained. 
Basically it is to say that I am extremley happy with the outcome and look forward to more kit goodies. <3

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