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10 Free Embroidery Patterns: Unicorns, Clouds, Fireflies & Houses

Donnerstag, 14. August 2014

Here are some of my most favorited embroidery projects that I found across the web!
Besides a mystical Unicorn & Pegasus, you can find here a grumpy cloud, a smiling Lilly of the Valley a row of dutch houses and many more unique patterns that I will definitely stitch one day.
So grab a needle, get your thread and choose from this collection of cutesy patterns.

Love without Reason - Down Grapevine Lane

Pegasus & Unicorn - BadBird's
(Foto by Lynn)

Grumpy Cloud  - Cate Anevski

Birdy - Geninne.com
(Foto by Wendy Moon Design)

Butterfly Purse - Crossstitcher Mag

Dutch Canal Houses - Gingerbread Snowflakes

Jar of Fireflies - So September

Katya's Garden - The O Design

Lily of the Valley - Wild Olive

Tappy Cat - Babalisme

Need some help with stitching?
Here are some Tutorials on embroidery (in german *for now*)

Du brauchst ein bisschen Hilfe?
Hier findest du meine deutschsprachigen Anleitungen zum Sticken.

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