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Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

The famous cross-stitch!

Learn here how you can easily make the cross stitch and get tips for threading.

It can be used for almost everything: from pictures, letters and for shapes in different colors and with different threads.
This stitch is  extremely easy to learn and also makes a lot of fun. The extremely simple technique and a variety of applications will make you love the cross stitch immediately.

The best thing about a new hobby is when you can start it easily. What is the case with embroidering. The  foolproof cross stitch is one of the first things to learn and let you do everything you want. Pictures, figurines, letters. Phew, I should not even start think about all this ingenious simplicity. Better start the How-To ;)

The Beginning

The cross stitch has two approaches.
1) The individual cross stitch, if you want to just put one stitch.
2) The cross-stitch series, if you have several stitches in a row (which is actually most often the case.)

I used here a blunt needle stitch with 3 strands and countable Linen to demonstrate some of the cross stitches.

The Threading

In addition I use a little trick for the easier threading of multiple threads.
1) Fold the thread over the edge of the needle

 2) The folded thread is now easier to put through the needleeye

The Single Cross-Stitch

From right to left

From Right to Left

1) Share the whole floss into 2 or 3 threads, cut it off and thread them.

2) Stab from behind in the left gap.
Then stitch back into the yarn located diagonally across the hole.

3) Now stab back from behind into the next hole.
Pierce in the diagonal located bottom hole.

4) You now have described a cross with needle and thread and are done!

The Cross-Stitch Sequence

Seems a little more complicated but is basically almost the same thing as a single cross-stitch.

1) Go ahead like the simple cross stitch (point 1 and point 2) but then pierce from below into the underlying hole! Pull the needle and thread through. Now stab into the the top upper diagonal located hole.

2) You have now stitched with a needle two diagonals.

3) Now stitch from below into the lower lying hole. Pull needle and thread through. Now stab from there to the upper diagonal hole. So the same gap where the other diagonal thread also ends.

4) From the bottom stab into the lower lying hole. Stab into the top of the upper diagonal corner pocket.
You have now embroidered two diagonals, but this time reversed/backwards to the previous stitching.

5) Two intersecting diagonals result: Voilà, two crosses! Done!

This technique of sequencing cross-stitches is necessary especially for designs and shapes.
So if you have a color in several sequencing stitches always use this technique!

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